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Here at Raptor Sports Cars, we take your privacy seriously, so we`ve established this privacy policy to help you understand why we need to ask for your personal information, whether it`s through our website or other means of contact. We are registered with the Information Officer`s Office under the registration number ZA497770 and are the head of all personal data you provide to us. Please read this information carefully, as by providing us with your data, you confirm that you have read this policy and that you understand that we will process your data in accordance with its terms. We are committed to using the information we collect about you in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulations (2018) (RGPD), the Data Protection Act (2018) and the Privacy and Electronic Communications Policy (PECR, 2003). We want to be clear when we process your data and not do something you could reasonably not expect. All issues relating to this directive and our data protection practices should be We are committed to respecting and keeping safely all personal data you share with us. We want to be clear when we collect your data and we do nothing that you could not reasonably expect. CCTV Security monitors our premises and, therefore, when you visit us, your image and possibly your vehicle license plate are registered and registered for 10 weeks. We are in Britain. Your data is stored in the UK and is only collected by qualified and trained staff. Only staff members who need the information necessary to complete a particular task have access to personal data. We do not pass on data to third parties that have not been mentioned without your consent.

If the law is required (for example. B by the police, supervisory authorities or legal advisors), we may be required to disclose your data. We will ensure that information is kept safely, and only those who need it can see it. We will delete this information if we no longer need it. Design and build yourself If you decide to create your own website from scratch, then there are different web software development tools available. Some are quite expensive and are not necessarily easy to use for an amateur. It`s worth reading other users` reviews, then judge for yourself if you have the knowledge, time and other resources to build yourself. Creating an efficient site in the simple way There are also online services, full domain registration, email hosting and a basic template design service also allows complete beginners to create a website with a budget. Some hosting services such as 1-1 offer a complete DIY site construction solution with models already designed. It`s up to you to choose colors and layouts, create built-in navigation, and set up search engine optimization tools. Typically, these services also include an e-commerce function for creating a simple online store.

They make things very easy with certain offer models specially designed for certain types of companies. You offer titles, copies and images that you can edit or add. If you have a tight budget, then the complete solution can help you get into service very quickly with minimal effort and effort. Even if you have no knowledge of creating websites with any of these services for your first site, you will save a lot of money. See also: Website Building Tools – Jimdo, Wix, Homestead, Squarespace, WordPress Please use to pay safely online. Create your website Before you start designing and creating a website, you need a domain. It`s just the address of your site.