Origin Energy Paris Agreement

In November 2015, Origin became the world`s first energy company to… Energy companies and beyond have also turned to Origin as the first Australian company backed by SBTi to help set their CO2 targets. It`s great to know that we`ve inspired others to take action. As an important contribution to the energy industry in Australia, Origin recognizes both the responsibility and the opportunity to take action to combat climate change. In 2015, Origin was the first energy company in the world to sign seven of the We Mean Business commitments. And in December 2017, Origin was the first Australian company to have a scientifically sound goal. Origin Energy is an integrated Australian energy company operating in the power generation, retail energy trade and natural gas exploration and production sectors. The largest energy retailer in Australia, Origin has approximately 4.2 million customers in its electricity, natural gas and LPG stores, including large energy consumers, individuals and small businesses. Origin is also Australia`s leading supplier of low-carbon products such as GreenPower, GreenGas and Solar PV. In line with our public commitment to use up to 1,500 MW of new renewable energy by 2020, we continue to invest in renewable energy generation. By 2020, we expect renewable energy to increase from about 10% of our current production mix to over 25%. “We are proud to achieve targets in line with the Paris Agreement that strengthen our role in achieving Australia`s 2030 emissions reduction target,” said Calabria.

Local businesses see energy cost management as a real challenge. Learn more about how businesses… “This is an important step for Origin. We want to move to a cleaner, smarter energy future and we are proud to now have a concrete commitment to reducing emissions across our activities,” said Calabria. A number of Aboriginal owners, including Raymond Dixon, Mudburra man, Naomi Wilfred, Ms. Alawa, Vanessa Farrelly, wife of South Aranda, and Larissa Baldwin, wife of Widjabul, opposed the Origins Beetaloo hydraulic fracturing plans. November 16, 2017 President Kerry Matthew Stokes said this morning at the seven Group Holdings (SGH) general meeting in Sydney that “climate risk” is not considered a key business risk. This is despite the company`s massive commitment to energy and industry by its subsidiary SGH Energy…

Read more Many of Australia`s current energy facilities are nearing the end of their life cycle: nine of Australia`s 12 largest coal-fired power plants are more than 30 years old. This is a unique opportunity to organize Australia`s energy future. We believe that a science-based goal points in the right direction for this transition. We Mean Business works with 646 companies around the world to take courageous action to combat climate change. Origin is the first energy company of its kind to be supported by the International Science Based Target Initiative (SBTi), which is the only entity authorized by WMB to review the objectives mathematically and scientifically. [3] www.originenergy.com.au/content/dam/origin/about/investors-media/AGM%202017/Scenario%20Analysis%20FY2017.pdf The process of defining a scientifically sound goal has expanded this scenario modelling in the future – to test different points where we could achieve our decarbonization goals while ensuring affordability and stability of energy. Origin is a proud member of the We Mean Business coalition, which is committed to accelerating business action against climate change. In 2015, we were the first energy company in the world to make the first seven commitments.

The response to our goal has been staggering. The goal helped Origin, along with our scenario analysis, demonstrate our leadership position in climate change.