Microsoft Customer Agreement Sign

As mentioned above, the new Microsoft Cloud agreement replaces existing agreements for CSP relationships, but this should not be done immediately for existing customers. The ability for partners to select “Customer has accepted the latest Microsoft Cloud agreement” will be deactivated on January 31, 2020. The Microsoft customer contract is the new agreement between customers and Microsoft, with the terms of use of cloud subscriptions and software licenses. Microsoft`s customer agreement replaces the Microsoft Cloud agreement, which will be withdrawn on January 31, 2020 from the Cloud Solution (CSP) provider. There is a delay and here are the main topics you need to know. The Microsoft customer contract will be implemented in conjunction with the new Microsoft Azure Plan offering, which includes a series of platform and program extensions that expand partners` ability to build and deliver managed people, reduce barriers to customer acquisition and transform customers digitally. The Microsoft customer agreement is required in CSP for the purchase of the new Azure plan offer, available from October 2019. Duration The Microsoft Cloud agreement is an agreement that is always green with no end date. However, both parties have the right to terminate the contract without cause with a 60-day period.

At the same time, Microsoft has the right to make adjustments to MCA and ask you to approve the new agreement before a new order can be processed. According to White, Microsoft`s customer agreement approach will in some cases lead to lower earnings and growth prospects for partners. For example, partner roles as licensing advisors for Azure services will be reduced. However, Microsoft partners will likely still have consulting functions regarding other Microsoft software agreements, White suggested. As mentioned earlier, I will try to inform our customers over the next few weeks of the various changes in the process and the features implemented by Microsoft so that there are no surprises. Later in Q1 CY20, partners will have the additional option of inviting customers to an authenticated Microsoft portal to view and sign the Microsoft customer contract. Microsoft is responsible for confirming the customer`s agreement to the Microsoft customer contract. Partners can verify customer agreement for the new agreement with partner Center Dashboard and API Partner Center. More details on this option will be provided, we have more insight into Microsoft. With the MCA obtained through a Microsoft partner (MPA), it`s a little different. Once the Azure plan has been made available, the invoice is automatically transferred to the CSP and your MCA becomes a customer under the “billing” profile of Microsoft`s partner. Organizations may have used a partner in the past to acquire Azure services.