Vacation Rental Agreement California

Some cities limit the ability of homeowners to rent their property in the short term. For example, Santa Monica, California, prohibits home rentals of 30 days or less, unless the owner also resides on the site during his stay. Be sure to check your local laws before considering a vacation rental. This Agreement and all additions or other conditions essential to compliance with this Agreement constitute a binding contract of law and must be interpreted as if both parties had co-wrote it, subject to the laws of the State of California. Time is crucial. Any legal action arising from or related to this agreement will be filed with a competent court in Riverside County, Indio, California. The address of the apartment is: 3256 Timber Ridge Road, Citrus Heights, CA, 95610 PSVH will do everything in our power to ensure that the private pool and/or spa in the apartment to rent for your stay works properly. Despite our best efforts, the pool and/or wellness equipment no longer work properly. Licensees/cardholders may be entitled to a partial refund equal to the daily pool/utility fee for as many full days as the heating or pump did not work if all the following steps are followed: Be sure to check your local laws on all occupancy or residence tax requirements, as the residence tax is required for short-term rents in Palm Beach, Florida. Caution – It is recommended, if the owner has some kind of valuables in the residence, that a deposit is required, in addition to the payment of the rent. This ensures that if personal belongings are damaged or missing in the house, the owner will at least partially be reimbursed.

A call from neighbors to the city will bring to your door a City Compliance Officer from Vacation rental or a city police officer. The City Vacation Rental Compliance Officer or the city police officer can give you a citation if they have proof that you have exceeded the permitted noise levels or if another violation is observed. City fines start at $500.00 and may include the immediate loss of all rights and property rights granted to the licensee and all guests under the contract, including the suspension of access to the item without credit or refund granted to the licensee/cardholder.