Resources for People with Disabilities

Career Resources

Job Accommodation Network

The Job Accommodation Network (JAN)  provides individualized worksite accommodation solutions, as well as technical assistance with the Americans with Disabilities Act and other disability-related legislation. JAN offers online accommodation resources categorized by disability as well as one-on-one guidance both over the phone and online.

California Department of Rehabilitation

The Department of Rehabilitation (DOR) provides consultation, counseling, vocational rehabilitation services, and advocacy resulting in employment, independent living, and equality for people with disabilities. The DOR works in partnership with consumers and other stakeholders in the communities in which they live and work.


This non-profit vocational services program partners with the San Francisco Department of Public Health and California State Department of Rehabilitation to connect employers with trained, assessed and pre-qualified employees. They provide job training and job placement assistance in order to provide employers with a pool of employees matching them with qualified individuals with disabilities who reflect the diverse and multicultural population of the San Francisco Bay Area.

Bay Area Community Services

The BACS Employment Program helps people with mental illness find meaningful work. In partnership with the State Department of Rehabilitation, they provide job development and follow-along services using  evidence-based programming


Assistive Technology

AT Network

The AT Network is dedicated to expanding the accessibility to assistive technologies that can help increase independence, improve personal productivity, and enhance the quality of life for all Californians. Services of the AT Network include a free Information & Referral line, device lending libraries, low interest loans, a used device exchange, training programs, public policy analysis and advocacy on behalf of the disability community. The AT Network provides free information, education, and outreach about assistive technology, and offers a free information and referral service to California residents on AT suppliers, daily living devices, community resources, funding resources and more.


Independent living

Independent Living Resource Utilization

The IRLU provides research, education, and consultation in the areas of independent living, the Americans with Disabilities Act, home and community based services, and health issues for people with disabilities. This website also has a directory of centers for independent living across the United States, as well as Canadian and other international centers.

California Foundation for Independent Living Centers

This non-profit trade organization supports independent living centers in their local communities through advocating for systems of change and promoting barrier-free access, equal opportunity, and integration for people with disabilities. Learn about independent living, issues facing people with disabilities and how to take action, and where to find a Californian independent living center near you.

Independent Living Resource Center of San Francisco

This organization strives to support and empower people with disabilities to lead meaningful, independent lives and to actively participate in their communities. They work collaboratively with individuals to help determine what services and programs are right for them and provide information and referrals related to assistive technology, housing, employment, and eligibility for benefits, as well as free peer counseling. The Independent Living Resource Center of San Francisco is a disability rights advocacy organization, and actively encourages consumers to advocate for the rights of all people with disabilities.

Center for Independent Living

The Center for Independent Living provides direct services to residents of Alameda and West Contra Costa Counties with disabilities. They also offer extensive information and referral to outside resources to anyone who needs them.  The CIL provides services, support, and advocacy to enhance the rights and abilities of people with disabilities to actively participate in their communities and to live self-determined lives.

Independent Living Resource Center

This center is part of the California state-wide independent living center network. It serves Santa Barbara, Ventura, and San Luis Obispo. The center works in the community to support  independent-living efforts, remove barriers, promote access, and create systems of change so that all people with disabilities are treated with equality, dignity, and humanity.


Mental Health

National Alliance on Mental Illness

NAMI provides a full spectrum of support services and programs for people who have been affected by serious mental illness, as well as education, advocacy, and reform efforts. NAMI also provides a directory of state and local NAMI organizations.

Mental Wellness Center

The Mental Wellness Center in Santa Barbara County is a private, non-profit organization that provides support services and housing to adults and families affected by severe mental illness, as well as education and advocacy in the community at large.