Here  are my favorite online resources for career development. I encourage you to submit your own valuable resources so that the information can be shared on this site. Feel free to  contact me with your own favorite links, and you will receive credit for your contributions.

Career Planning Resources

Explore career options and discover the occupation that is right for you.  Learn what’s out there and how to land your dream job.

Resources for LGBT People

Resources for career development that pertain specifically to LGBT people, LGBT-friendly job search sites, LGBT professional associations, and housing and mortgage information for same-sex couples.

LGBT Career Resources for Practitioners & Employers

Resources for career counseling professionals who wish to provide culturally competent counseling to LGBT clients and for employers who want to implement or expand LGBT-friendly policies at work.

Resources for People with Disabilities

Resources for people with disabilities, including mental illness and dual diagnosis, who are seeking employment, workplace accommodations, assistance with the Americans with Disabilities Act and other disability-related legislation, or independent living resources.